🌹 (la_petite_singe) wrote in little_details,

POW/MIA letters and censorship in WWII France

I've Googled quite a bit, but everything seems to be about overseas communication, and I'm looking for info restricted to France: I know a lot of French soldiers were taken prisoner by Germany in 1940 when France fell and the armistice was signed, so my question is: would those soldiers' families have received letters that they were prisoners/missing? Or would they just have heard nothing because the country was occupied and everything? Second, if a soldier managed to evade being taken prisoner and wanted to write to his family (within France), would the letter have been read/censored (i.e., would it have been smart to write it in code, sort of)?

Merci for any help!
Tags: 1940-1949, france: history, ~postal service, ~world war ii

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