Akilika (akilika) wrote in little_details,

All right . . .

. . . another hypothetical I need help with, if anyone can help me. :)

Let's say you're a government secret agent. American government. Or at least you were, until you were regretably killed (during a Martian invasion, but I don't think that's probably terribly important.)

Anyway. What are they going to do with your stuff, after such an occurance? (Both if you have family and not--there are some of each. If there's a difference.) I mean . . . being a secret agent, and all, I can't imagine they just call your next-of-kin up to clean everything out, or leave it for the landlord to take. (Though . . . I guess it's possible . . .)

Er . . . anyway. Thanks in advance. ^^
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