Charlie (espreite) wrote in little_details,

Early testosterone injection

Setting: A vaguely steampunk British Empire AU somewhere between 1880 and pre-WWII-ish.

Research: Googled "history of testosterone," "testosterone injection history," and other variations. I found a bit about a physician who injected himself with a mixture of extracts from animal testes but not much else.

My character is a trans male physician, and I was wondering how to semi-realistically portray him experimenting with testosterone injection. What was the early research on hormones like? How would he have obtained and administered it, and would the effects be any different than what modern testosterone injection does? The setting is rather ambiguous and possibly a bit more scientifically advanced than Britain in that time, so I don't mind specific anachronisms, but a general idea of if it would even be remotely feasible and what it might have been like would be great.
Tags: ~medicine: historical

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