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Italian Slang

Everyone was so helpful with my last question! Thank you guys so much. I am need of a little more help now, though. In my story, Ron is living in Florence and working at a gelato shop. One of his costumers (a young Italian man) asks him to go to a disco with him. He talks to Ron in Italian, but I'm only including certain phrases said in Italian slang. I've done some research and this is what I've come up with, but I have a feeling at least a bit of it is wrong and I would like someone to critique it:

mi culo = my ass/arse (as in: I've caught you staring it.)
Mi maschio inglese = My sexy Englishman
miei amicos = my (all male) friends
mi inglese = my Englishman

I am also in need an Italian word/phrase a gay man would use to describe himself, as well as other gay men. I've found a few words used to describe them, but they were all insulting and didn't really seem like a word a gay man would use to describe himself. If you can give it to me in both singular and plural forms, I will love you forever.

A HUGE Thank You to anyone who can help me!

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EDIT: I can't even handle how helpful you all have been! Thank you SO MUCH! You deserve an award, seriously.
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