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Missing Persons / Abduction Questions

Present day: The daughter (age 21+) of a Homicide Detective in Pittsburgh, PA goes missing. She told her parents she would be at friend A's house. They checked with friend A, who said the daughter told her she'd be at friend B's place. Friend B said she'd be at Friend A's.

Let's say they talk to everyone and no one knows where she is. Her cell phone is off, which is unlike her. She hasn't checked in with her parents (also unlike her)...etc.

So where would it go from there?

- What procedures/efforts would be done/taken to find her?
- Would the fact that she's a detective's daughter influence or speed up efforts to find her?
- Would the homicide detective be involved? If so, how?
- Would other Authorities (State Police, FBI, volunteers) be brought in? When (after how long)?
- Would it be aired on the news or in newspapers? How much info would be given? How long would she be missing before they'd ask for the media's help?
- Would the cases of the homicide detective be researched for suspects?
- How long before the search "goes cold" or is "called off" due to lack of evidence and/or no leads?

- Would the homicide detective still likely look into it "off the clock"? Would other authorities, also?

Let's also suppose that a year after she originally went missing, evidence finally surfaces connecting her to a serial killer (who has been serving life in prison for over 10 years)'s M.O.

- Would this now be ruled as an abduction or possible homicide?
- Now what would be done? By whom? Who would be/get involved?
- Would she still be considered "missing"? Would the case be re-opened? Or would it be opened as an entirely new/different case? Would they go back through the original missing persons investigation as well as the killer's contacts and history?

There's a bit more to it than this (re: the connection to the killer) but I'd rather not get into it and possibly have my plot/ideas stolen.

Anything else I should know or include? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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