majingojira (majingojira) wrote in little_details,

High End Chicago Resturantes that can serve as defensible position

Set in 2005/2006, I need a location to host a Presidential Dinner in Chicago or the surrounding area. It has to be able to accommodate a good 20-30 persons and have enough security/proper structuring to provide a tactical advantage to those within over those attacking it.

It is very likely to be leveled in the ensuing conflict.  

Research Attempted: Google keywords: Chicago, Restaurants, High-End, Five Star, Convention Centers, Surviving Speakeasies

It's not like restaurants advertize their defensibility in case of a raid...anymore. And few of them are suitable for the President of the United States to use to greet foreign dignitaries.


Tags: 2000-2009, usa: illinois, ~restaurants & pubs

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