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Czech anarchism and lifestyle during the Cold War.

Setting: Prague in a yet-unspecified date (I'm still in a research phase for this work so I'll pick the decade that works with the storyline I have in mind) during the Cold War in a slightly AU universe (so far only in terms of what goes bump in the night there but I can make other changes).

Research thus far: Several Google combinations of "anarchism", "USSR", "Czech Republic" and others as well as the ol' paper books. I've been reading through several websites and have found background information on Czech anarchism and anarchism in the USSR in general. Regarding the "lifestyle" bit I seem to mostly come across photos or very basic info/tourist accounts (at least in the languages I know) rather than actual experiences.

1. My main character is a teenager/young adult (age also flexible) in Prague in said unspecified decade. Would they manage to find *any* anarchist groups? This article says there wouldn't be any actual organized movements of specifically anarchist leaning so I can still make them up (AU 'verse!) but I'd rather keep some relation to actual history. If so, how would said character find those groups? Would there be any under-the-table recruitment or would it be simply known who to go to?
2. Since apparently certain books and such weren't widely available in the open... where would my main character get them?
3. Regarding the lifestyle in general what would life then and there be like? Are there any links I can check out? Preferrably no propaganda please. I'm particularly looking for info on clothes. Also family and education matters.

Bonus question: is there any comm (similar to all those "ask a british person about your fic" communities/forums) where I can check with someone who lived or has heard (either read or heard from family etc) of the lifestyle in that decade in Prague? Aha. Mostly stuff like "would my character be wearing this?" or "what slang would youngsters be using?" or even "what would the characters eat?".

Thank you so much little_details!

ps. I hope I tagged this correctly.
Tags: czechoslovakia: history

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