A Speck of Universe Dust (wolfteaparty) wrote in little_details,
A Speck of Universe Dust

Does anyone write stories that take place in places where they've never been, and/or cultures they are not a part of? For instance, I used to want to write a story about the Inupiat people in Alaska, but decided not to lest I have a faux pas (I've never even met an Inupiat or been to Alaska). It especially makes me nervous to write about other cultures because if I've never spent much time around that culture, I will probably miss the finer points, no matter how much research I do. I think research is good, but no substitute for actually being there (what you read in books tends to leave out the negative stuff/social trends.) If I'm off and someone who's a part of that culture ends up reading the piece, they might get pissed off or think I'm ignorant.


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