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Newlywed sleeping arrangements in 1912

I'm hoping that someone can give me some insight into the likely sleeping arrangements of a newlywed couple in 1912. The wife is British, her husband American. They are both upper-class bordering on wealthy. They were married in England, honeymooned around Europe, and are now aboard the Titanic, on their way to America to live. Now, I know it was common at that time for well-off husbands and wives to have separate rooms, but I'm having a hard time finding much information beyond that. Would a husband and wife ever sleep in the same room/bed, despite having their own quarters? What about while honeymooning, would they share a bed at hotels? I've ascertained that aboard the Titanic they would probably be sharing one of the cheaper first class cabins, does that mean they would be sharing a bed there as well?

My guess is that yes, they would be sharing a bed while honeymooning/on the voyage, but I've not been able to convince myself of it and it's a somewhat crucial detail. Research done includes googling various permutations of "newlyweds turn of the century" "newlywed sleeping arrangements 1912" "married couples bedrooms turn of the century" etc. etc., as well as an almost silly amount of reading and documentary watching about the Titanic, with particular focus on first-class cabins and young couples traveling first class. Any help or further sources to pursue will be much appreciated!

On a related note, in the course of researching this story I've read more or less the entire corpus of little_details posts tagged 1900s, 1910s, world war i, etc. It has been stunningly enlightening and given me all sorts of little insights into things I wouldn't have thought about. Thanks, everyone!
Tags: 1910-1919, ~marriage

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