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Informing someone about a death, teenager living alone and university funds in Japan

Setting: Modern day Japan
Situation: K, a sixteen year old boy, was in a car that crashed. He survived, but was comatose for a couple of weeks. His father and two sisters (both aged eleven) did not survive the crash. He has no other living family.

1) Who will officially inform K that he was the only member of his family to survive? And how likely is it that he could overhear nurses gossiping about his situation where he could hear them?
Research: googled 'informing family of a death in Japan'. Nothing useful came up.

2) How likely is it that the bodies will have been cremated while K was unconscious? The wiki article on Japanese funerals says it's up to the eldest son, which would be K, to arrange things, but he obviously can't do so when in a coma. There are no other family members available to organise things, but K's father had several close friends and several of K's friends were close to the family as well.
Research: wikipedia article on Japanese funerals.

3) How common is it for Japanese parents to set up saving accounts in hopes that their children will go to university? Would they set up a separate account for each child? And how much would be expected to be in that account by the time the first born child is sixteen, nearly seventeen years old? Would K be allowed to access this account, and those of his sisters if they're separate, before he goes to university, if he needs the money to live off of?
Research: I have absolutely no bloody idea how to look for this one.

4) K has no family anywhere in Japan, that he knows of. What are the chances of him being allowed to live on his own? If he's not allowed to live alone, would he be allowed to live with a family friend who he trusts? I can fudge this one a bit, since there are several characters who do live alone for whatever reason. I just want to know how plausible such a situation is.
Research: googled 'teenager living alone in Japan'. It turned up discussions of anime characters who live alone, and nothing relevant to the situation.

5) Would K be allowed to leave the hospital if he was thought to be a suicide risk? Would going to live with the aforementioned family friend change the outcome of this?

6) From what I've seen around, and heard from my Japanese tutor, high school students aren't allowed jobs. How true is this? And would this change if the student in question is living alone with no parents to earn money for them?
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