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Medical help with GSW?

I have zero/zip/zilch medical knowledge so I'm hoping to get some help.

I've read through the other GSW bits and pieces and some kind of hit close to what I'm needing but not quite.

I'm wondering if what I want to to is possible or at least plausible!

I have a guy, around 30, fit and healthy. He's tied, lying down so he can't move.

I have another guy with a gun, he has enough medical knowledge (I'm thinking a med school drop out) to know where to cause the least amount of damage but make it look bad and be painful.

I'd like him to shoot the poor tied down guy 6 times, with a hand gun, and close range, possibly point blanc. Once in each arm (upper?), once in each leg (maybe thigh but could be lower down, I'm not picky) and once somewhere on the abdomen. I'd assume it would lead to some sort of muscular damage? But clearly I need to avoid major arteries, so if it's possible to place the shots, that's what I need to know.

I thought it could potentially be some sort of bullet graze. I know it's supposed to be rare and a tv show cop out to major injury, but if someone has the time to line up the shot, is it possible? I'd still like the wounds to be bleeders, so that it looks bad but it will take about an hour or maybe more for hospital treatment.

The sixth shot is to be into the palm of a hand, crucifixion style. Clean through, but I'm assuming I can't discount damage on this one!

What I'd really need to know is if it's plausible to do this in the first place, and then also what the recovery might be? Considering how long he'd be in hospital, how long he'd then spend at home and what treatment he'd get in the long term... physiotherapy or whatnot. If he's been hit in the leg, would he need physio to help him walk or would he be able to heal with just his family's help?

This is supposed to be a form of scare tactic, so I don't want any hugely lasting effects, though if something happened to the hand I wouldn't be quite so worried, but I wouldn't want him to lose it or anything! If he can heal to a good level within a few months I'd be happy.

But if anyone can tell me the best placements that would be great.

(I feel like a psycho asking for this kind of help but... you know what I mean!)

Any help is much appreciated!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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