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Murder investigations in the UK

I have some questions regarding the usual CID-work in the UK, especially Manchester.
(CID = Criminal Investigation Department)
My research was mainly via google and wikipedia as well as the "Life on Mars"-fandom (which has been very helpful so far).

First I'd like to apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I made, I'm no native speaker. ^^*

Setting: Manchester, 2000 - 2010
Topic: Investigation of murder

I found a lot on murder investigations in general, but most articles are pretty unspecific regarding the ranks, they only say "a police officer".

1.) First - what's the difference between the CID and the MIT ? And who would be responsible for a murder investigation in Manchester? Is the MIT only in London? I admit, I'm getting really confused right now due to all the abbrevations. 

2.) I'd like to know if it is common for a police officer to have something like a constant "partner"? In US-tv it seems to be pretty common that cops have a partner (a'la Starsky & Hutch), in UK-tv not so much.
2a.) If not is there at least a constant team people work with? 

3.) How many people work in an average CID? Especially how many DI's or DCI's? I guess there must be a lot of Constables and Sergeants, but not as many Inspectors or Chief Inspectors, but I could be wrong.

4.) Who is authorized to assign the cases? Is it possible for a DS or a DI to say "Something happened last night, I want to investigate" or can he only start working when his DCI tells him to? Or do the orders have to come from the Superintendent? Same question about putting a case on hold.

5.) I'd also love to know if it's possible to get downgraded? For example, can someone who's a DCI get downgraded to DI and if yes, what would be possible reasons?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement
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