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Mental reaction of a person going through torture/rape

My first post in this really awesome looking community, so I hope I follow all the rules.

Ugh, I really don't know how to phrase this properly, but what would be an appropriate mental reaction to going from being a prisoner of the secret police (who is repeatedly raped and tortured almost daily) to a collaborator (in name only--this character is only pretending to collaborate and as a collaborator, tries her best to undermine the secret police organization as much as possible and maybe save a few people who are still prisoners) who is treated comparatively better than a prisoner, but still treated pretty badly (i.e. raped multiple times a day, forced to watch the secret police torture other people, often times people she knows and is friends with). At the same time as a collaborator, she gets to know some members of the secret police and develops relationships with them (trying to gain their trust so they don't discover all she's doing to undermine them). This goes on for about 4 years.

So, what would be the mental reaction of a person who's going through/been through all of that? Would it be on the lines of Stockholm Syndrome or would it be something else? 

I've already read a ton of testimonies of victims and I know all about the kind of torture methods the secret police used, but I really want to make what goes on mentally with her believable.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault, ~torture
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