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Good Single Malt Scotch

Setting: between 2003 and present, San Francisco, California, USA

I am in need of a good single malt scotch for my character.  He is in his late 30s/early 40s, and a bit of a scotch aficionado.  He tends to fixate and obsess over things he wants until he gets them and is a minor television star so he would have what would be classified as "real good stuff", which might be a little more difficult to procure than what  the average person is likely to have. 

He doesn't have unlimited funds, though so none of the crazy $50,000 bottles or anything like that.  I'm thinking around $1000 a bottle but it could go lower or higher depending on the rarity and taste. 

This post under the booze tag here and this website have given me a good start, however I was wondering if anyone had more specialized advice. 

Given what I've posted, how likely is it that he would have gotten his hands on some Glenlivet 1959 Cellar Collection?  And would this be a good fit for the information I've given?

I've read everything here under the booze tag, and googled "expensive scotch", "good scotch" "single malt scotch" "$700 scotch" "$1000 scotch" "glenviet 1959" etc. 
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