hosanna (smurfb1ue) wrote in little_details,

Tattoos in Ethiopia

 I'm trying to find out what the current cultural norm is regarding tattoos in Ethiopia.  I have a character traveling around the country--both in villages and big cities like Addis Ababa--who is highly tattooed, and I want to know what people would think and how they would react to her.  As it is, she's going to stand out as she's a single, white woman in an unfamiliar country.  Would reactions and responses change the more established she became?

All my searches for tattoos in Ethiopia (and its variants) have turned up articles about religious tattoos in Ethiopia, which is interesting but not relevant to the kind of tattoos my character has.  I'm assuming that tribal and religious tattoos are viewed much differently than colorful sleeves are.
Tags: ethiopia (misc), ~body modification: tattoos

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