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Best man and wedding ring

I have a question about wedding protocol. I'm working on a story that takes place circa 1970 in California. The characters are not particularly religious, but they're having a church wedding (so far; I may change it to a civil ceremony). I would like to have the best man hand the ring to the groom to place on the bride's finger. However, everything I have read about who does what at a wedding has the best man handing the ring to the minister, who blesses it and then gives it to the groom. I need to know if this is always the way it is, or if it would be plausible for the best man to give it directly to the groom. And would he do this in a civil ceremony? I seem to remember seeing it done this way sometimes in movies or TV shows, but I'm not sure and I don't want to write something that just wouldn't happen.

I've tried Googling "wedding procedure," "wedding protocol," "best man's role in weddings," and "1960's weddings" (in case the time period might have some bearing on it), but nothing has told me whether this particular point is pretty much set in stone or not.

ETA: The denomination in question is Lutheran.

ETA 2: Thanks to everyone for the advice. It looks like most Lutheran ceremonies do include a ring blessing, but it also looks like it's not mandatory. I think I'm going to have my bride and groom ask not to have it included. Thank you all, again!
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: california, ~religion: christianity (misc), ~weddings

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