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Taming Horses in the Wild

(Hi everyone, I'm new here. I run the original fiction big bang and someone suggested this place as a good place for fact checking, so I thought I'd come use it - because it looks brilliant - to ask my question :D so; hello!)

I've googled this - I looked for information about taming horses and wild horses, but there was barely anything there I could find particularly relevant to taming horses in a short period of time in the hopes of riding to a castle - and looked all through your horses tag, but I really can't find anything. So here I am... asking.

I'm writing this story. It's set in another world and the other world is kinda medieval (it's more than that, but it's hard to describe, so medieval describes it nicely without going into too much detail) and I have these five characters walking from this one city to the castle a long way off.

The thing is that it is a huge castle, and the one character describes how far away they are as something like "she can just about see the top of the turret, a tiny little thing in the distance". So when you think about it; that's a long way off.

So I'm considering having them stop by this field - natural field, not a farmer's field - and look at these horses. When Sam - who has experience riding - asks why they can't ride horses, Swift - who is born to this world - is going to explain that they never tamed those creatures.

My question (now I finally get to it) is:  For these five people (three human girls (each 15-17 years old), one human boy (16), one girl from this world (11)), only two of which have experience riding, to tame a couple of horses to ride... How difficult would it be and how would they go about it?

They have some food in their bags - the one girl even has TicTacs and might have an apple or something - and some water, but mostly they only have the clothes on their backs and determination on their side.

Any help would be really appreciated. If you think it'd be too difficult for them to tame these horses and carry on on horse back, I'll have them walk. I'd just rather they bring some horses to the castle with them...

(Long-winded question is long-winded -.- Sorry about that.)

ETA: Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess horses are off the menu for now - although I may decide that in this fantasy world other animals are rideable (unicorns, anyone?) - however I may have one of my characters tell the authority figures that having horses in battle would really help their chances of winning.
Thanks again!
Tags: ~animals: horses, ~travel: pre-modern overland

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