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wyoming divorce in the 70s

I'm not quite sure what to even google to get this, would appreciate any guides.

I'm wondering how long it would have taken for a divorce to be finalized in the mid 70s in thte boonies of Wyoming.

From searching this comm, I at least got the no-fault, which would apply here. The divorce is initiated by the wife, on no fault lines. Irreconciliable differences, say. The husband doesn't argue. She gets custody of the children, he pays child support. They didn't have any great belongings to split/argue over.

So, first question is, when did Wyoming adopt no-fault.

If it hadn't been adopted yet.. does that mean she'd have had to have a lawyer 'fake' grounds? -was reading a wiki about no-fault that seemed to say that was the way, pre-no-fault..-

How long (and how expensive) would each case have been?

Thanks for any help!
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: wyoming, ~divorce

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