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Real Estate, San Antonio, Texas, 1983

Okay, here's my question. I have a man who teaches at University of Texas at San Antonio, 1604 Campus. The year is 1983. He's a disabled Vietnam Vet, and has used his VA loan to buy a house.

My question is - what neighborhood near the campus - within like ten miles - would he have been able to afford? Or would have had to look further afield? I looked at a map of the area and randomly choose a street - Moss Brook Drive. Real Estate on that street *now* is apparently standing at about a quarter of a million dollars for 3,000+ sq. feet, three bedrooms, two bath.

I was hoping for an older home, two bedrooms, one bath, 'ranch' style or adobe because he didn't want anything with stairs.

Just a general idea would be great - it's not uber-important to the story, but i like having the information. Also - is public transportation around the campus any good? Could he have bought a house and bussed to work? He *does* have a vehicle he can drive, but busing is a good option to have, in case.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1980-1989, usa: texas, ~real estate
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