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Foster Homes!

I have some questions about the foster care system in the United States.

Does the system try to place kids with relatives, even if they live far away, before putting them in foster care? Or, if a kid is removed from their parents, do they automatically get put in foster care?

Let's say a child gets kidnapped and her family mysteriously disappears. The child is held by her kidnappers for years before being recovered. After being recovered, would she be put in foster care? If she was taken away from her home state when kidnapped, would she be returned to her hometown or put in foster care in the nearest town? Or would they try to put her with relatives (i.e. grandparents or aunts/uncles)? (I still have yet to decide if she has any living relatives. I just wonder what'd happen if she does. I'm guessing if she doesn't, she would be put in foster care no matter how you slice it.)

I'm sooo glad I found this community. I frequently wonder about little details.
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