Bastian (jadeprince) wrote in little_details,

Drug that gives the appearance of death

I've tried to research drugs like scopolamine and tetrodotoxin, but the thing is, I don't really need to identify the drug or even have it be something real/already discovered. Unfortunately, researching the realistic effects of a fictional drug is difficult.

I'm trying to figure out how to realistically portray a young person's reaction to waking up again after voluntarily taking a drug that will have put them in a near-death like state (lowered heart rate and breathing) for no longer than 24 hours. The set up is this: 13 year old character needs to be smuggled from one point to another, in a small coffin-like container, and is drugged to appear dead upon casual observation. They will then wake only when the drug wears off (that is, no one is waiting with an antidote on the other side). I'm guessing they would wake dehydrated, disoriented, maybe feeling ill?

Am I worrying too much, given the pseudo-science (aka basically Romeo and Juliet's drug) I'm already using? Or is there an obviously unrealistic way to write this kid's waking up that I should avoid?

If I haven't been detailed enough with my question, let me know too!
Tags: ~medicine: drugs

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