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Celine Kalante

Sensitivite areas in a fighting match with anthropomorphic opponents

I seem to have a knack for coming up with questions that are just too weird for Google. "How much would it hurt to get punched in the cloaca?" Really, now, no one thinks of that. Or, at least, not enough people for there to be a convenient FAQ or something I could have found by now. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm writing a story with anthropomorphic characters (furries) and there's a scene where two of them, a crocodile and a bat (both quite burly, if it matters,) have a sort of UFC/MMA-style cage fight. I'm trying to figure out how their animal features would factor into it, and tailor the rules of the fight accordingly. What I have so far is this: the crocodile has a very long muzzle and internal genitalia, and therefore the bat would actually be allowed to use below-the-belt blows as there isn't a lot there to be that exposed and vulnerable anyway (though it would be a bit pointless for him to do so for that very reason,) while above-the-neck shots are banned due to the muzzle being particularly vulnerable. By contrast, since the bat has a shorter muzzle and more mammalian naughty parts, the crocodile is subject to more typical rules against the bat (the crocodile can throw snout punches but can't go low.) Basically, I need someone to tell me if that actually makes sense or if I am doing something phenomenally stupid here.

If it matters, I already established within the story that the rules as described above give a huge advantage to the crocodile, but the bat insisted on having the match anyway because they're extremely bitter long-time rivals and such.

The bit about the low blows being allowed (but pointless) against the crocodile can be revised without too much trouble if it's wrong, but there are actually a few things that are currently hinged on his muzzle being vulnerable--at one point, the bat trips the crocodile and makes him faceplant (creatively stunning him to the point of temporary incapacitation since he hit his muzzle hard doing that, but getting away with it since it wasn't a direct muzzle attack or anything, just a trip, which is allowed) and the bat also pops the crocodile right in the snout after the match is over just to be a jerk.
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