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Arrested with a stolen phone - what next?

Hello everyone.
(First time poster, w00t!)

Setting: London, 2005.
Searched: "police procedures UK", "search of mobile phone on arrest UK", "police access mobile phone records", "police investigation mobile phone", "stolen mobile phone", "arrested with stolen items", various combinations and permutations thereof, tags; browsed the PACE Code C and Ask the police website. I'm not a native speaker, though, so I may have missed out some obvious search terms. :(

So my main character collapses in a seedy drug den, and two of his new-found friends pick his pockets, taking everything they find - keys, wallet and mobile. (Would they likely toss away the ID card/driver's licence as incriminating evidence?) Having the IQ of a soap dish, however, these fine gentlemen manage to get their arses arrested (don't know for what yet, but nowt hardcore) before they have a chance to sell the mobile. Now, what would the police do? Could they easily establish the mobile was stolen (I'm getting mixed results as to whether they have the right to search through it)? And would they be bothered to identify the rightful owner, try to contact him, say, on the landline, and, being unable to reach him, ring someone from the phone's contacts/last calls list?

Seems laughably far-fetched, but y'know. Pesky plot entanglements. Dire need of secateurs. Thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 2000-2009, uk: government: law enforcement

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