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Russian nicknames and terms of endearment

I'm looking for a nickname that an older mentor-type guy would call a teenager named Artem that he's... pretty close to and all but adopted. Both are Russian, in a modern American setting (so if the nickname gets used in front of others, it'll go right over their heads anyway). It'd be nice if it were something Artem's (probably Ukrainian) mother called him as a child, but it's not necessary. I like the sound of Artemka (it brings up plenty of hits on Google, so I know somebody uses it), but I've been having trouble finding nicknames for this particular name - hopefully because it's a little less common, not because it's just plain undiminutivable - that's just not possible, right? Or should I just go with something else entirely like zhukochka or myshechka (at least from the mother)? Actually, mentor-guy's brother-in-law is going to get called one of these two things (probably the latter), so if anyone could suggest less... cutesy-chka forms of those, I'd appreciate it.

An edit: Random Wikipedia delving the other day informed me that the snipers trained by Vasily Zaytsev were called zaichata ("bunnies"). Toying with calling a couple of kids some variety of "bugs", if it's even the sort of thing you could call kids. (End edit.)

And while I'm here, mentor-guy has a young niece with the name/nickname Candy. Anything cute and plausibly Russian she could be called? Some work with Google suggests Konfeta (or Konfetka?) to me. Also, since the circumstances of her birth were... somewhat unusual (mad science ahoy!), how likely is it that her (also Russian) parents would just flat-out name her Konfeta-or-whatever once the adventure settles down and they get around to naming her? They're globe-trotting types, but would likely raise her somewhere near her babysitting uncle, if living in the US helps the kooky names factor any. I'll settle for Candy, though, if Konfeta would be the Worst Name Ever - though some of my characters do end up with some odd names, so I'm not opposed to a name that makes people go "well, it works for a fictional character..." or such.

(Icon, aside from being of a Russian character, is unrelated.)
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