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Japanese student's reaction to a Ouija board

I have a character who is a Japanese exchange student in an American college. She was raised in Japan. My question is, how would she react to seeing a Ouija board (Parker Brothers style) used for the first time? This part of the story takes place in 2004, if that's important.

I know about the Japanese version of it, called Kokkuri-san, so I would think she would relate the board to her game from home once it was explained to her how it works. The reason I'm questioning this is that once I got into a conversation about Ouija boards in another community and I was told they have been banned in Japan. This isn't really gelling with what I know, so I wanted to double-check. Kokkuri-san is often played with writing simply drawn on paper; have formal boards been banned? Is the Parker Brothers board banned in Japan? Or was this person just wrong? It seems to me that if the boards had been banned, the government wouldn't allow movies to be made of teenagers playing Kokkuri-san. I'm quite confused.

Search terms: "Japan reaction ouija board," "Japan ban ouija board," "kokkuri san," "Japan ouija board."
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