robert_huff (robert_huff) wrote in little_details,

Manhattan neighborhoods

When: current day

Where: AU Earth ( the reasons for the "alternate" are not important in this context)

Search terms: The New York TImes real estate listings


The person is a Wall Street uber-wunderkind, having amassed by age 30 - and means both fair and
foul-but-unprovable - a personal portfolio of over $100 million that controls an even larger amount..

Whatever their voting address, their principal residence is in New York City because, as Willie Sutton
said, "that's where the money is".  I need the semi-specific neighborhood where they live.  The place
I have in mind is a) fashionable, but _not_ trendy; b) the penthouse of a building of at least 15 stories,
and c) solidly built with a state-of-the-art security set-up.

Looking at the TImes I find about a dozen listings for "East X Street", except for one (Franklin St) which
is apparently in on near Chinatown, where X is not less than 45.

Are there any other places such an object might be located?   Does this count as "The Upper East Side"?

EDIT: Thanks for the help. everyone.  Pursuant to greater need or better information, I'll go with "the low 60s off 2nd Avenue".

Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~real estate
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