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Tracking down a man who used a gun

Setting: Modern US, in some state that has relatively lax gun control laws
Search Terms: Tracking custom guns, tracing custom guns, gun forensics, gun residue

Situation: Two civilians are killed at a street corner approximately mid-afternoon by Anon Villain using a custom Colt M1911A1 .45, (obviously unregistered) and the gun is left at the crime scene.

I want to create a case that goes cold, but isn't impossible to track down Anon Villain a few years later so my MC can have their revenge.


1. How trackable/traceable is a custom made gun? Let's say the villain wiped the gun free of fingerprints and then left it at the scene. What else is there that could possibly link the gun/bullet/casing to Anon Villain? How far back can the investigators go to tracing the custom-made gun? Would the manufacturers of the gun keep the records of who ordered it, and how complete would those be? What could Anon Villain do (or forget to do) to cover his tracks?

2. ...How stupid would it be for a paper note to be stuck inside the gun? If it's monumentally stupid I can just have a post-it note or the paper be separate from the gun, but I'd like the note to be hidden inside the gun so that only the investigators know about it.

2B. So I can find general info on what kind of forensics can be done to the paper note, but I have no idea on how that can be tracked back to Anon Villain years later. I mean, great, the investigators know the paper came from Factory X sold at store B, and Anon Villain used a ballpoint pen. Now what? It's not like it's hard for Anon Villain to throw the stuff away... :P
Tags: ~forensics (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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