fjm (fjm) wrote in little_details,

Tottenham Hotspur and the Jews

I know that the UK football team Tottenham Hotspur has a reputation for being the club that Jews supported (and I think played for). What I can't find out is *when* this is the case. Any ideas?

I'm writing something set in Tottenham around 1900, when there is a Jewish hospital in South London, but no synagogue.

(If you decide to go searching for me, be warned there are a lot of *very* unpleasant comments to be found.)

edit: Thanks! I have the information I need. My protagonists become friends with some Jewish lads from Bethnal Green and I suddenly realised that a lot of my dialogue on both sides would be all wrong if the areal was heavily Jewish by then.
Tags: uk (misc), ~racial prejudice (misc), ~religion: judaism, ~sports (misc)
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