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Rank of Brit army surgeon in WW2

You'd think this'd be easy to find, but it's not.
Place, UK, time, earlyish in WW2, searches, several variants of rank surgeon (british OR UK OR "united kingdom") army (ww2 OR "world war 2" OR wwii OR 1940)

Our Heroine (yes, I know, a bit unlikely, but she's exceptional) has been a British army surgeon for about a year. She started fresh out of med school. If it makes any difference, she's an American, and went to Oxford. (the American army wasn't really hiring female surgeons, and may not have joined the war yet when she started in any case, so she joined up with the Brits)

What rank would she have started out as, and (if different) what rank would she likely be now? (she's seriously hot stuff surgically, but has about the personality of a dyspeptic porcupine... also, she's far more interested in becoming the best possible surgeon than in playing political games.)

My Brit friend suspects she'd be a major, but I wanted something like confirmation, and couldn't frelling find any.

edit: looks like she'd be a captain. Thanks, all.
Tags: uk: history: world war ii, uk: military: historical, ~medicine: historical, ~world war ii

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