Master of the Blaster (kanedax) wrote in little_details,
Master of the Blaster

Educational Subordinate Honorifics in Modern Japan

Wow, that's an ugly title.  Ah, well.

I'm trying to figure out what a person would call a teacher that they don't respect, or that is considered beneath them on the social ladder in modern-day Japan.  I am aware that sensei is the common phrase used for teachers or professors by their students, and that senpai and kohai are used as honorifics for senior and junior colleagues respectively. 

I'm looking for a suffix that can be used specifically for a professor being addressed by someone like a high-ranking government official, or by someone who simply shows no respect to that professor.  A phrase that still calls the teacher a teacher, but doesn't carry the weight of subordination that sensei seems to carry.

Is there another phrase to use?  Would the person be referred to with senpai or kohai, or simply with san or kun?  Or am I completely wrong, and sensei is the common word for both subordinates and superiors?

Google searches:  Japanese Teacher Names, Japanese Teacher Honorific, GoogleTranslate for "professor" and "teacher"
Tags: japan: education, ~languages: japanese
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