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Likely Police Response to Domestic Violence

Setting: Present Day USA, no specific state

I am looking for any information about how police in the US (I am in the UK) might handle a call reporting suspected domestic violence. Not an assault happening right then, but something ongoing. The victim in this case is male (as is the alleged perpetrator). I know that might make a difference in the attitude of the police.

I have looked at everything with the sexual abuse and assault tag, much of which was very useful, and also the police procedure tag, but there are still some things I'd like to know. I have googled and got information on "gay domestic violence", "male victims of domestic violence", "male sexual violence", and found masses of useful information about the reasons why male victims stay with their abusers, the reasons men abuse, the problem that hospital staff dont seem to expect men to have been victims of domestic abuse even when sometimes it is blatent. I have read personal stories by male survivors of domestic abuse. I have also googled "police response domestic violence" although that was less useful, tending to give sociological studies and statistics. Also if anything it outlined what was ideally supposed to happen, and I know that this is often very different from what actually does happen. I have also asked several questions similar to the ones below on Yahoo Answers, but the answers weren't particularly helpful.

What I would like to know is if someone suspected that the victim was being abused by the man he's currently staying with, and contacted the police, what would a likely response be? Would they go to the house, speak to both of them together, or separately? Any idea how quickly they would respond, if they responded to such a thing at all? If the victim denied any abuse, what would happen? Since he has obviously recently been injured, requiring hospital treatment (he has a broken arm as well as other injuries) would they attempt to pursue the case in spite of his denial? Would they be allowed to see his hospital records? When he was being treated, on at least two occasions, in different ERs, would staff do anything about their suspicions? Would there be notes somewhere saying that domestic violence was suspected? Would they be passed to police?

I know that these things vary from state to state, but I have not been specific about the state in my story, so either general or state specific information would be useful. Really, any information that might help me with any part of the above would be very gratefully received.
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