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Romanian for "little Vlad"

Setting: 15th century Transylvania
Question: One of my characters, although christened Mihnea, is given the nickname "little Vlad" - or sometimes just "Little" for short - by his family for his habit of following about and copying his older brother Vladislav. What I want to know is what "little Vlad" would be in Romanian! I've looked it up on a few online translation sites; they generally inform me that it would be something like "Vlad mic" or "Vlad puţin", but I'm well aware that online translations are not the most accurate in the world so I wondered if there might be someone around here with a knowledge of Romanian able to be give me an expert opinion. The words I keep getting are I think Romanian for "small" or something similar, and I want something that will specifically imply that he is a miniature version of his older brother, copies his mannerisms etc.
Any help much appreciated!

Edited to add: Thanks for all your help! I've decided to go for Vlăduţ as the younger boy's nickname; I also think I may change his older brother's name to Vladimir or maybe just Vlad as a more Romanian, less Slavic sort of name.
Tags: ~languages: romanian, ~names
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