Harlot (harlot2) wrote in little_details,

the penalty for destroying property in California, with conditions

I have tried googling things like "destruction of public property in california" and "california penalty destruction of public property" but I'm getting some really random stuff (mostly not even for california), and wanted to know if maybe someone here can answer my question.

For one of my fic's characters, her backstory is that she has vandalized (for lack of a better word) the jail house of the small California town she lives in. When my story starts, this just happened about three months previous. What would the normal penalty for this crime be in CA? Would she be able to get off with probation and a ton of community service if this was her first offense? (being a small town, everyone would know her as someone who has never made trouble for anyone before) What if she had three or four good character witnesses to testify on her behalf? Would that have any bearing on the penalty whatsoever?

Thanks to everyone in advance!
Tags: usa: california

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