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Peer of the realm serving in the armed forces, and form of address on a legal document?

Setting: Contemporary Oxfordshire and Warwickshire
Searched: googled peer armed forces UK, marquess armed forces UK, aristocrat armed forces UK, peer army uk, marquess army uk, aristocrat army UK - which turned up some very strange results, as well as much searching back through the britain(misc)tag, which threw up lots of fascinating information but nothing that answered my question. Either my google-fu has failed me utterly, or it's just one of those questions you have to ask people.

Hello again, and thanks for all your help last time.

Still with the same story/series, I have a character (one of the two main character's elder brother) who's a Marquess, inheriting the title at 15 on the death of his parents. Given that, would he have been able to go to Sandhurst and then serve in the Coldstream Guards, or would the duties of the estate (the details of which I'm a bit hazy on) and his status as the current Marquess preclude that? He's unmarried and childless, so if he dies his younger brother would inherit, something he does not want.

Also, if he was able to make a career out of the army, what rank would he realistically reach at around age 36?

Further to that, if he is able to be a serving officer in the Coldstream, how would his name appear on a legal document such as a police statement? Debretts says that "If an officer has a title, or a courtesy title or style, he is addressed in the opening of a letter and in speech in exactly the same way as any other title-holder" but on an envelope and in correspondence "On an envelope the Service rank appears before the title,", though when referring to our titled officer, they refer to him as [service rank][title].

So quite frankly, I'm confused.

Say he's a Lieutenant Colonel, would he be [when signing] The Most Honourable Jonathon Marquess of Atherstone, or The Most Honourable Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Marquess of Atherstone?
Tags: uk: military (misc), uk: nobility
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