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Illness to order, and surrounding questions.

Setting: Modern-Day Los Angeles.
Searched: Various combinations of 'sudden illness' and 'fainting'; 'unmarried partner access'; and 'picking up kids from school'

1 - I need an illness or injury that will cause lots of panic and worry, without actually being incredibly serious. Something that initially seems more serious then it actually turns out to be.

Preferably an illness that doesn't have much forewarning (though some minor, easily-dismissed symptoms like headaches or tiredness would be good), if at all possible involves fainting, hospitalization for a couple of days and a bunch of tests, and that has some recovery required (but not massive amounts).

But if there's no illness that fits, he could have an accident. The most important parts are that he can't contact his partner himself, that he has to stay in the hospital for a few days, and that he's pretty much fine, but needs to watch himself for a few weeks/a month afterwards.

2 - He's not married, but he and his boyfriend are domestically-partnered. Would his boyfriend need to offer any proof at the hospital to be able to see him, or would they be likely to take his word on it? (I know this can vary, obviously, but what's a likely scenario?)

3 - How close tabs would a large public elementary school keep on who's picking up kids from school? Would a teacher require that a parent or pre-arranged other person pick the kid up? If they were expecting a parent, would they accept a babysitter and a sibling (sitter's 18, sibling is 11, child is 5) if the sitter explained it was an emergency, or would one of the parents have to call the school and arrange that in advance.

Tags: usa: california, usa: education (misc), ~medicine: illnesses to order
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