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Wales, unstable person with a gun

Where: Cardiff, Wales
When: 2040ish
Fandom: Torchwood

A woman is transported by the rift (a tear in time in the Cardiff area) to approximately the year 2040. There, they are rapidly discovered by the local as someone who is:

1) Behaving oddly, disoriented and confused, possibly lost, possibly under the influence or mentally unstable, but not trying to hurt anyone;
2) Not Linked (connected to the future internet/cellphone 24/7 via wireless broadband), which is usually either a punishment for certain crimes or a choice by religious fanatics - and she doesn't look like some sort of fundamentalist;
3) Armed with a handgun, with a concealed holster;
4) Not identifiable in any local (UK or EU) databases - no government record of her at all; no passport, drivers license, etc. anywhere they have immediate access to. They don't have her name yet, but assume very sophisticated computerized visual matching capacity, so there is no photo that matches her anywhere within hundreds of miles.

Granted that this is several decades in the future, I have to start somewhere - what would the Welsh police do NOW if they showed up in a similar situation? Would she be arrested, and for what? How big a problem would the gun (and lack of permit, if they are required) be for her?
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement, uk: wales (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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