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Russian words for family members

Very simple: I just need some English words translated to Russian for one of my characters. I've tried Googling, but most of what's available in the area of translation and dictionaries are in Cyrillic, and...I can't really use that. (I also don't trust most internet language sites, due to inaccuracies.) Along with the words below, I'd also like to know if there's an endearing term a mother or grandmother might use for a young son/grandson. The boy's name is Brandon (he has an American father, so that's where that came from), he's about nine years old and very intelligent, living with both maternal grandparents and his mother. They live in Moscow and this takes place in present times (2004, exactly), if that helps. I've looked in the tags as well, and couldn't find what I'm after.

What I need:

Grandfather (and familiar variations)
Grandmother (I know "babushka", but that seems formal--are there other variations a young child is likely to use?)
Hello (I've been told there are many variations on this, based on to whom a person is speaking and how familiar they are. Specifically, I need a greeting in person to an unfamiliar person, a greeting in person to a familiar person, and a greeting in answering the telephone)

I also need:

"Don't tell your grandfather."

Thanks for any help. I'll probably need some more in the future :)

Edit: I think I've got what I need now! Thanks, guys :D
Tags: ~languages: russian

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