Kaethel (kae_nine) wrote in little_details,

Question about post-mortem bruising

Hey all :) New member here (a friend very kindly referred me to this comm, and it looks brilliant for fiction writers!)

Anyway here's my question. 

Setting is present day. My character's been performing a lengthy heart massage on a man (but it failed and he didn't survive). Question is, would bruises from the heart massage appear on his chest, post-mortem?

I've been looking it up all around google and all I could find is answers that don't reassure me fully:

One source says that bruises can appear post-mortem (apparently a body that had drowned had a bruise appear on its forearm from being grabbed out of the water).
Another source says that post-mortem bruise needs great force to appear, so I'm wondering if a heart massage would be enough to make bruising appear. But since the other website seems to say that grabbing someone out of the water created post-mortem bruising... I don't know what to think any more.

So um... help? Please? :)
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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