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Contacting the dead in 1910s England

Setting: London, UK, 1916-1925

Situation: My MC (a young, educated, unmarried woman from the upper middle classes) is attempting to contact a dead writer in the hope that his spirit will help her complete his unfinished stories.

Googled: Any and every variation on Edwardian/postwar mediums/psychics, contacting the dead, automatic writing.

The problem: I can find a lot about the general existence of mediums in the 1900s, but none of it is particularly detailed: what would these visits involve? How large a group would be present for a single seance? Could I have my MC and the medium in a one-on-one session, or would that be unrealistic? How accurate is the stereotypical image of people holding hands around a rocking table? How much would a trip to a medium cost?

Relatedly, I've read that mediums/psychics became extremely popular after WWI and that their activities were the topic of serious scientific study - would there be any kind of social stigma attached to visiting a medium, beyond generally thinking the MC was superstitious and a bit of a flake? 

Any help would be appreciated beyond belief

Tags: 1910-1919, uk: history (misc), ~woo-woo

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