Major Fischer (freifraufischer) wrote in little_details,
Major Fischer

Early Conflict between Snow Shovelers and Snow Plows

Doing early planning work for a novel set in a north eastern US city, which doesn't really matter except that it involves a fair number of political dirty tricks including sabotaging the city's snow removal during a blizzard to make the incumbent mayor seem incompetent.

Many years ago I read a story about city workers protesting the introduction of snow plows by placing crowbars in the snow to mess up the works. My very fuzzy brain recalls this as Boston or Ottawa for some reason, but don't count on that. I need to know if anyone else recalls the details of this, if it was true, and what the crowbars actually did.

Any other suggestions for how to mess up city snow removal in a nasty political campaign would also be appreciated.

Google searching snow plows, unions, crowbars, sabotage, snow removal, and city workers all turned up nothing. But I do know where I can buy a good snow plow and a good crowbar in the same store ;). I read a couple histories of the snow plow, including one on, also of no use.
Tags: usa (misc), ~climate/weather

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