Ix (alpha_orionis_v) wrote in little_details,

Rehabilitation after Head Injury

Googled: Rehabilitation after head injury, rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation after coma, (replaced rehabilitation with physical therapy on all three), checked tags

Setting: US, 2006

Sort of a continuation from my last post.

Situation: Character has a fall from a first-story ledge to a concrete floor below, and winds up in a coma for about 9 weeks. He rises from GCS 4 to an eventual 15. For plot reasons, a lingering effect of the injury is his coordination, and the question's a two-parter.

Firstly, what sorts of exercises would he undergo in the early stages of his recovery in hospital, in regards to issues with coordination? And secondly, how long would he be allowed to stay in hospital? He's more or less a fugitive, and hasn't got anywhere else to go, so would likely want to stay as long as possible, until they finally chuck him out.

Tags: ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries
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