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give me time. and a crayon.

Best Parisian lycées?

 I'm writing a story in which a character moves to London from Paris as a result of her parents' divorce, and I'm trying to find a suitable school for her to have attended whilst there. Her family is high-class, with both her parents wealthy French professionals, but I keep being directed to lists of bilingual schools for English-1st-language expatriates, or to lists of high schools in Paris, Texas. From the one list of normal French schools I could find, I'm currently thinking of the Lycée Victor Hugo, but for all I know that could be wildly inaccurate (though they do have a 70% rate of mentions at Bac level, I'm not sure just how good that is).

Can any of you suggest a posh lycée for her to have left behind?

Edit: Thanks for the help guys! Think I'll go for Janson de Sailly for now, but the others were also pretty well suited, so I may switch to them yet.
Tags: france: education

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