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Poison Book

I had read in reference to Jing Ping Mei(The Golden Lotus, or The Plum in the Golden Vase) that it was supposedly written so luridly as a murder attempt: that the ink would be mixed with some highly toxic poison and that as the reader got into it and licked his fingers to turn the pages, he would smear the ink on his hands and ingest it. Now, whether or not this is true of the Jing Pink Mei, I highly doubt.

HOWEVER, is it technically possible to poison someone with a book in this way? Let's just assume that it's a pretty toxic poison to begin with, and not one where you'd have to ingest a large amount or you'd more likely get just some vomiting and such. Exactly what type of poison can be worked out(suggestions if you know one way or another would be appreciated), but I'm really primarily concerned about its overall feasibility since it seems to have worked its way into a crucial point in my fantasy story.

There's not much more information relating to this and the Jing Ping Mei than what I just described, and various searches pretty much only turn up answers on what happens if you directly drink modern manufactured ink.
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