Slapstick (clear_sarcasm) wrote in little_details,

911 Call Dialogue

Hi everyone,

I believe this is my first time posting here.

I just had a question for anyone who may be able to assist me.

I'm currently working on a novel (fiction - thriller). The opening chapter is to begin with a 911 call being placed by a woman in distress. The novel is written in third-person perspective, past tense. So, how would the conversation take place?

Every time I try to play it out, I think of news segments or scripts in which it is written something like this:

Dispatch: 911, what's your emergency?
Caller: Someone's been shot.
Dispatch: Who's been shot? Where are you calling from?

This, obviously, won't work in my are my options?

I tried looking through previous entries and tags and found nothing that fit exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully this is allowed and on-topic.

Any and all advice, criticism and/or opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

Tags: usa (misc)

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