Danielle (vividanielle) wrote in little_details,

Behavior of tigers in the presence of humans and gunfire

This story is set in our current time period, and the particular scene I'm working on takes place in a desolate region of eastern Russia, just as winter is ending.

If a tiger has just made a fresh kill, and notices a human nearby -- approximately 13 to 15 feet away, and the human moves very, very slowly from kneeling to standing, and keeps eye contact with the tiger -- what is the tiger's most likely reaction?
Would it be likely to just jump at the human? Or stare at him for a few seconds before approaching? Would it growl/roar/snarl etc?

If it is threatening to attack, and another human (farther away than the first one, and located -behind- the tiger) fires several gunshots without actually shooting the tiger, would it be scared enough by the sudden, loud noise that it would flee?
Tags: ~animals (misc)

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