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Lower class booze in Wales

So -

I wasn't getting any love in a more spesific comm and I'm on a short turn around so I turn to you, LJ, for your collective wisdom.

I've searched for 'poor man's booze/drink Wales' but not gotten anything modern or 'regular' (as opposed to ceremonial etc).

The question is: if you were a Welsh man from a lower class family, Estate living type family, and you were in a pub drinking hard alcohol - what would you drink that would give away your lower class/estate origins? This is set in the modern day so of zuma or some artifical drink would be the tell, that's okay too, but I'd prefer, if possible, a classic or old-fashioned type of hard liquor.

My first thought was gin, as that's the poor man's drink in the US but ... Wales is not the US.

I need it not to be beer/wine (soft alcohol).

ETA: Thanks everyone! It sounds like the best bet is to go with the 'house' brand of either whisky or vodka. I'll probably use vodka since another character is drinking whisky.

ETA 2: Wow! A lot of variety in the response. Clearly not a simple answer to this question. Because of the details of the scene, I'm still going with house vodka - the character is trying not to reveal his background and it seems like cheap beer would, but buying spirits could pass as an attempt to look more posh than he is. Money is not an issue.

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