Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist (kittikattie) wrote in little_details,
Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist

Prosecuting Rape

I've got tons of questions, but I'm going to break them up so we don't end up with Super Giant Post and everyone doesn't want to throttle me.

These are all questions about a rape case I'm writing about, so I'll cut just in case.

1: The girl who was raped lives in Connecticut. She was raped while visiting her cousins in North Carolina (specifically, by one of her older cousins). Her mother decides to press charges; does she have to go with the state they live in, the state the boy lives in, or does she pick one she desires?

2: The girl raped is two weeks shy of her twelveth birthday; the rapist is fifteen. I believe this can be classified as first degree rape because if the girl's age; does the boy's come into play?

3: Plea barganing: is that done in a courtroom, or done behind closed doors? And how do they work this out?


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