Marina (sabrina_il) wrote in little_details,

smoking in NYC hospital in 1999-2000


The character in my story is a nurse at St. Vincent's hospital in Manhattan in December 1999 (one of the scenes takes place over New Year). He's an occasional smoker - during a particularly rough day he decides to have a cigarette (he has smokes/lighter with him). Where would he go? Could he smoke on the street outside or would he have to get farther away from the hospital? Which exit would he use? Is it likely he'd go up to the roof to do it?

Also, I understand that smoking areas in hospitals - especially in NYC - were shut down some time around 2000. I've tried googling but haven't come up with anything concrete - if anyone has any idea when exactly smoking areas were shut down at St. Vincent's that'd help as well :)

Thank you!

googled: smoking st vincent's manhattan, smoking st vincent's manhattan area
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: health care and hospitals, usa: new york: new york city, ~cigarettes

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