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Lower face injury

So I did a few google searches and little_details tags and struggling to find the proper keyword to get what I want: Jaw torn off, jaw trauma, jaw ripped off, mandible trauma, lower half of face gone

I then came across this stupefying story of a 12 year old who had his jaw ripped off by a fence. It's the closest I could get to my idea but in my story it's a full grown male (he's not human just humanoid and has the same basic facial bone structure as a human) who has his ripped off by another male of his species. It was ripped off with bare hands and no equipement or superhuman strength of any kind to help. Well, compared to an average human male the winner can bend steel but in comparison to his people he's average in strength.

I know it takes an insane amount of strength to do this. I was also very fascinated when I saw the movie (Do not click if you are at all squeamish or hate plotlines being revealed.) mirrors in which something similar happens to a female character.

Here's a similar question (been resolved) asked on Yahoo! Answers about "How quickly would you die if you had your jaw torn out like the girl in the horror movie mirrors?" The Yahoo! Answer answers one of my questions but do you guys agree with the answer?

A.) Is it possible to completely tear off the mandible from the face?
The general consensus I get is: Yes.

B.) How would you go about doing this with no help from anyone else or weapon?
I was thinking of the attacker putting the victim in a headlock and going at it but that just doesn't feel right. They're about the same height with the winner being slightly heavier/muscular. The winner is older though around mid-30s and the victim is about 18 to 22.

Scenario 1: Maybe if the winner used something like a length of wood and jam it into the victim's mouth? But the attack is supposed to be very quick, almost a clean single movement by the winner. The winner's pretty arrogant so he won't use anything but his hands.

Scenario 2: The victim gets stuck or is forced behind something solid and only a portion of him is exposed. So the winner reaches in and tear off the jaw? Maybe the victim was stuck on something high? And the winner grabs his jaw and drops, using his weight to take off his jaw? But this feels so melodramatic and takes away from the "quick and brutal"-ness of the scene; it establishes who the winner is since he's one of the main characters.

The scene & setting:
It's a fight on a muddy, cold field in Autumn between two prisoners. So no help from anyone nor are they on firm ground. They're basically fantasy gladiators in their version of the Roman Coliseum. Only one gets to live. It ends with the victim dying from internal injuries and their jaw torn off.

The characters are set in a Dungeons&Dragons type world that has technology. The prisoners are the "demons" and "of-the-Dark" type. They are prisoners of war and their captors are human. They have no way of getting at the guns and modern armor of the humans. They are controlled by a piece of technology (that I've tentatively called governers) to reduce their strength until they are shoved into this arena where the device is turned off. They are kept from escaping by the arena itself.

Unfortunately this game is so new almost everything I just wrote about the setting/character attributes is made up by me so I have a feeling this'll evolve into my own thing instead of a fanfiction.

Thanks for any and all help!
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