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Nicotine withdrawal + opiate use = ?

Setting: A character from the early 60s is injured in a setting with medical technology slightly more advanced than modern Earth. He's not a heavy smoker - maybe a couple packs a week - but he's been without them for a bit and shouldn't smoke for another month or so because his lung was punctured 4 times. Given the technology he's familiar with, he doesn't know about things like nicotine gum or patches to help his mood.

On top of that, he's on strong painkillers (someone I talked to said hydromorphone, but specifics on that aren't too important) and I'm not too sure if that would affect the irritability from stopping smoking in some way or not. I'm not sure how I'd go about Googling this, and I'm mostly looking for anecdotes if anyone's been in a situation similar, so any help would be great!
Tags: ~cigarettes, ~medicine: drugs
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